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Curly Hair Solutions Products


Curl Keeper™

Curl Keeper™ lets you be the boss of gorgeous, frizz-free curls. By putting moisture back in the hair cuticle, this unique, silicone-free formula eliminates the dryness which causes frizziness, with no product buildup, leaving curls shiny and feeling clean. Easy to apply...just comb Curl Keeper™ through wet hair from roots to ends and let dry naturally. Great for everyday use and ideal for humidity, this product can be reactivated with water simply by running wet hands through hair. Take control!



EXTENZZ™ is the ultimate non-chemical curl styling relaxer. By using the correct combing techniques, EXTENZZ™ allows you to manipulate your curls into a looser, well defined, FRIZZ FREE curl without the look and feel of heavy oils.


Tweek™ is the first ever hairspray in a cream form for curly hair. This revolutionary product is a great way to fine tune your hairstyle. Using Tweek™ will allow you to bring back the bounce to curly hair, so plan “B” days turn into plan “A” days.


Gel with panthenol gives ultimate holding power without flakiness or crispiness. A water-based formula, C.H.S. Gel leaves no product buildup and supports styles longer. Great for scrunching, styling with brushes, blow-drying or drying naturally.

Silk Leave-in Conditioner

Silk Leave-In Conditioner contains a high concentration of silk amino acids which smooth rough cuticles responsible for frizzy, flyaway hair. A non-oily formula that leaves no buildup, C.H.S. Silk Leave-In Conditioner protects against high humidity and heat appliances, and leaves hair feeling very clean, shiny and soft. Simply apply to clean wet hair from root to ends...Do not rinse out!

SLIP™ Detangler

Slip™ is a leave-in detangling conditioner that instantly smoothes hair cuticles, loosens tangles and eliminates flyaway hair. CHS Slip™ helps to lock in hair colour making it stay truer, longer. This unique non-silicone formula helps repair dry damaged hair without buildup. Your hair will be left shiny, healthy, smooth and tangle free.

ReMane Straight™

ReMane Straight™ helps straighten hair safely during blow-drying by sealing the hair cuticle and strengthening the hair’s elasticity. C.H.S. ReMane Straight™ allows the brush to slide through cleanly without damaging the hair. Pure extracts of Chamomile, Oat Straw, Sage and Nettle protect from extreme heat. Comb evenly through wet hair from roots to ends...for very frizzy hair and high humidity use lots!

CHS ShampooTreatment Shampoo

Treatment Shampoo is a rich concentrate of panthenol and magnesium which strengthen hair’s elasticity and the ability of the hair to stretch without breaking. Silk amino acids penetrate to repair even the roughest hair cuticle. C.H.S. Treatment Shampoo deposits these ingredients in generous amounts which work to rebuild chemically damaged hair. Continuous use will dramatically prolong the results of colouring, perming and relaxing, and ensure healthy, stronger hair.

Silk Shampoo

Silk Shampoo is a rich, gentle formula that nourishes and hydrates the hair. Silk amino acids penetrate the hair to strengthen while never weighing it down or building up. Pure Silk Protein moisturizes leaving the hair silky and soft while lecithin (from soya protein) adds phenomenal shine. Water-based and ideal for daily use, C.H.S. Silk Shampoo is recommended for dry, curly, chemically relaxed or permed hair. Pure Silk Protein
Pure Silk Protein Treatment offers an extreme concentration of silk protein which easily allows deep penetration of moisture into the hair cuticle, delivering the healthiest and softest hair possible. Originally developed as a pre-colour treatment, this formula keeps hair colour looking rich and vibrant much longer.


Curly Hair Solutions Conditioner contains lightweight silk protein (low pH balance 3.5 - 4.0) which closes the cuticle instantly to provide no-fail detangling. This Conditioner repairs, protects and conditions making hair much easier to comb and style.

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